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San Diego’s affinity for boating has a long and rich history, rooting back to early Pacific explorers like Juan Cabrillo the first European to set foot in California in San Diego bay in 1542. An excellent natural harbor and important stop on the California Mission circuit, San Diego’s marine traffic grew rapidly during the colonial period and into the early 20th Century. Even before the Naval buildup during and following the Second World War, San Diego had already established itself in the boat building, tuna fishing and shipping industries. Over the years yachting and sailboat racing developed into a popular pastime and ultimately spawned Americas Cup races, the creation of stunning boats and some of the worlds most respected captains and crew.

A spectacular mild climate and steady winds make San Diego the ultimate playground for boating of all kinds. From sailboats, motor yachts, catamarans to recreational racing, San Diegans love to get out on the water! Our mission is for you to have a fabulous experience on the water in the San Diego Harbor and the surrounding areas on the Coastal Pacific. Our vessels are equipped with the latest technology and a crew that makes your experience a memorable time. Ultimately we want to share our passion for the ocean, marine life and America’s finest city by offering a wide array of tours and charters. From Sunset cruises,  whale watching, historical harbor tours, to specialized events, our captains and crew will deliver a captivating , adventurous  and memorable experience!   Our fleet would welcome the opportunity to service your request as follows;

Corporate Team Building
Private Sailing Lesson
Whale Watching
Burial At Sea
Sight Seeing
Cocktail Cruise
Business Meeting

We customize your needs and budget to make your dreams a reality!

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