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Experiences & Testimonials from guests who have used our services!


  1. Had a wonderful time! Sailed with Captain Betsy for an awesome day of sailing and relaxation on her beautiful sail boat enjoying the views of San Diego Bay and the downtown skyline. She is knowledgeable, friendly and it felt like sailing with family! An experience I’ll always remember and will definitely do again!!! Thank you, Captain Betsy!!

  2. Thank you so very, very much for a wonderful day of sailing; it was such a terrific experience and adventure. The entire process from beginning to end was professional and smooth as silk thanks to Captain Betsy and her crew! My friends and family will definitely be back for more fun on the high seas!!!

  3. My husband and I had one of the best experiences we’ve ever shared together on the Alli’Kai. What a perfect way to spend our 40th Anniversary. Captain Betsy made us feel as if we were sailing with our sister. Her hospitality was nothing short of perfect. The entire crew were so much fun, and very knowledgeable about the sites in San Diego. We are already talking to our kids about having the entire family join us some time this summer. Thank you Captain Betsy and Crew!!!!

  4. Wow!! What a fabulous boat. I’ve sailing for over 40 years and have never experienced such luxury. Betsy, you and your crew truly made for a fantastic sailing adventure. Thank you ever so much. I’m looking forward to the next time.

  5. This was the best experience I’ve had in 30 years. Romance, the breezes, sun and all San Diego’s best on one trip. I’m not a testimonial kinda guy, but this was so wonderful, I had to share this with everyone willing to listen. Fees were more than fair for all that we experienced. Thumbs up from this customer.

  6. Classy Classy Classy. We had such a wonderful time! Captain Betsy you are the best!

  7. Thank you Besty for the wonderful experience we had sailing with you! What a beautiful way to view the San Diego skyline with great friends. Felt extremely relaxed and looking forward to our next trip together. Thank you again Besty!

  8. Thank you for the blast we had last weekend on your boat. Even though we got caught in the rain, it was an experience. It was interesting watching the captain back her boat into the slip. We met some very nice people who joined our sail. We will be back again soon!

  9. Wow! What to say about Captain Betsy, her crew, and the Ali’i Kai ( translates Queen Of The Sea ). The experience that Captain Betsy delivers with her beautiful 48 foot sailboat, the Ali’i Kai is above and beyond any that her competitors could hope to offer. My personal experience with Captain Betsy during the voyage on August 1, 2015 exceeded all of my expectations. The captain demonstrated herself as the consummate professional, always completely attentive to every detail of the voyage. The captain also demonstrated great care for her passengers, crew, and vessel from start to finish. Captain Betsy being a gracious host provided a delicious snack tray and bottled water for me while I was on board. One thing that I must point out, I was made aware while on the voyage that the Captain was confronted with somewhat of a ethical dilemma the day before our trip. Another group of sailors who were going on a trip requested Betsy and her boat to go with them the same day that she had scheduled my trip. As it turned out I was the only passenger who had scheduled with her for that day. Captain Betsy demonstrated to me a high degree of personal integrity by honoring my reservation over the other opportunity. And finally, Captain Betsy allowed me the privilege of piloting her boat for over three hours while concurrently giving instructional pointers to increase my personal skill as a would be sailboat operator. In conclusion my experience was without equal and Captain Betsy and her crew were completely accommodating, friendly, and fun.

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